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Welcome to the Army Fencing Union (AFU); whether you are a complete beginner or you want to get back into fencing, the AFU has a range of fixtures which can challenge you.

The AFU normally run training camps prior to the Army Fencing Championships (28-22 May 14) and the Inter Service Championships (14 - 17 July 14), RAF Costford..

Owing to the limited capability of a minor sport, the best way to get into fencing is to search for a local club. If you need any help with this or want to chat to our members please join the Army Fencing facebook group. Clubs usually have kit which you can borrow, however if they don't the AFU has some you can sign out.

Please fill in the Contact Proforma so that we may get in touch with you if any events come up.


Army Fencing Championships 2013 held at Aldershot

The following competitions are supported for funding by the ASCB. You may claim transport and are authorised for duty accommodation near the event. If you wish to attend, email the AFU Hon Sec in advance of the competition for the admin instruction.

15-19 Apr 13

Army Fencing Championships with a pre performance course. This is open to all levels of fencers. SEE RESULTS

9-12th Sept 13

Inter Services Championships HMS Temeraire

21-22 Sep 13

One hit epee, RAF Cosford.

12-13 Oct 13

Sussex Open

30 Oct - 5 Nov

Canada Tour

9-10 Nov 13

Welsh Open

7-8 Dec 13

British Championships

11-12 Jan 14

Aldershot Open

1st Dec 13

CSFA vs National Vets

1-2 Feb 14

Slough Open


Birmingham Open

28 Apr-2 May 14

Army Championships - Aldershot

14-17 Jul 14

Inter Services Championships RAF Cosford

Royal Military College Canada to visit UK in Feb 2014 – 3 matches (CSFA Portsmouth, London Universities and Cranwell/Sandhurst)

Further information on these events can be found at the Britsh Fencing Association website.

Army Fencing Championships 2013

Combined Services Events

The Winton Cup will be held in June 14 at Nottingham University. If you are interested in representing the Combined Services please contact your team captain.

Tours and Training Camps

Fencing TrainingThe AFU has previously completed tours to Cyprus and had representatives selected to compete for the Combined Services Fencing Association in Canada on a regular basis.


AFU Committee

President - Maj Gen EB Carmichael MBE QHDS L/RADC 
Chairman - Col JRJ Powell OBE
Secretary - Lt Matt Ball
Treasurer - Capt Jon Brooke-Smith
Armourer - Maj Martin Kirchel
Asst Armourer/BA(G) rep - Cpl Shaine Ryland-Gasher
PR/Trg -Maj Jamie Metcalfe- Tarren
Mens' Captain - Bdr Lee Spiers
Ladies' Captain - Capt Naomi Lee
Competition Secretary - Cpl Steve Gemine

If you wish to be involved in Army Fencing, the best place is to join our facebook group. Please also complete the contact proforma and return it to

Download proforma and return to Hannah Proforma

Army Fencing Competition

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Fencing Contact

Lt M Ball REME (Matt)

T: 94251 2468
M: 07720 542703
E :

Army Fencing Championships Adlershot April 1013

winner of Army Fencing Championships April 2013

Army Fencing Championships 2013

Army Fencing Championships Aldershot April 2013


Army Fencing Championships 2013

Army Fencing Championships Aldershot April 2013

Army fencing Championships April 2013 held in Aldershot

Army championships held in Aldershot April 2013

Spectators at the Army Fencing Championships

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